ICS Events


Cyber Meltdown
March 19 and 20 2018

ICS hosted a two day visit from Regional Territory Manager Jorge Peña of Kaspersky Labs on March 19 and 20th, 2018. Mr. Peña presented the most current trends in security threats and the forecast for cybercrime in 2018. A presentation for the public hosted at ICS was given titled “Cyber Meltdown” and gave a more in-depth overview of the products Kaspersky has to offer as well as advancements in threat detection. Mr. Peña personally met with current and new clients for personalized evaluations and additional educational opportunities to enhance the Kaspersky Lab experience.




ICS Business Continuity Agility Conference
March 7 and 8th 2017



The ICS Business Continuity Agility Conference held on March 7 and 8, 2017 at Torarica Hotel was a presentation of a select offering of the premier brands that hold partnerships with ICS. Finics, APC, Kaspersky, HP, and HPE each had representatives that presented relative information pertaining to products and services at the forefront of the most recent technology. A wealth of information was shared and the event successfully illustrated the importance of the essentials that the ICS Business Continuity foundation provides.