Why us?

Why us?


Power of One Stop Shopping

ICS offers a carefully selected range of products and services that will cover the basis for your foundation on which you can build your business on. The power of having one trusted partner to handle all your IT needs is a direct line to resolve any issues with the fastest recovery time. Price always seems to determine a company’s decision, but ensuring your business is insured to have nothing standing in the way between continued operations and discovering the huge cost savings that come with calculated personalized packages. We provide products and services backed by our expertise and guarantee that whatever happens, whenever it happens, we will be there to resolve it in a timely manner.

Foundation for Success

In the past, Information Technology had been performed by each organization configuring their own department. Much time-consuming research was done in addition to laborious installation with an assortment of brands and a complicated structure to combine all elements harmoniously. When problems arose, it required many separate phone calls to vendors not to mention tedious troubleshooting until it was determined which vendor and which device was indeed the culprit behind the issue.

However, the methodology behind establishing an IT infrastructure has changed drastically in present times. No longer do companies base their decision on price alone, as they know price does not determine the actual cost of ownership. Instead, successful businesses know time is of the essence, and strategic IT planning is key. With Integrated Computer Services, only one of our expert vendors will assess your needs in the coming 5 years and how you want to grow with your business. We guarantee our configuration to ensure a virtual infrastructure that will always be backed by our authorized service center and our options for extended warranties. Now your IT department can focus on offering service and deployment internally within the company, taking away the time wasted on break and fix operations. Save time, give better service, and know business continuity will never be interrupted by unresolved IT issues again.

Business Continuity

Our business is keeping your business going, thriving in a successful environment with all the tools you need. We provide transparent information by sharing our knowledge and identify the best cost-saving applications so your company knows it is receiving quality at a fair price. We have strong relationships with all of our vendors at the highest level, something other companies simply cannot claim. As an Authorized Service Center, we guarantee not only warranties that cover years of use and service, but anything under the warranty will be covered including parts, labor and shipping costs. For customers with specific needs of business, we even offer to keep spare parts and units in stock so there is no operational interruption during the reparation process. We strive to be the founder of every business-focused implementation by offering our complete package of products and services to the Suriname and CARICOM region.