Reduce Printing Costs & Improve Efficiency With Managed Print Services

Reduce Printing Costs & Improve Efficiency With Managed Print Services

Printing is still a necessity in many offices. However, it is common for companies to not be aware of how much they spend each year on hardware, toner or ink cartridges, paper and management overhead. Managed Print Services is a great way to not only get a clearer overview of your printing situation but to also reduce printing costs and relieve the IT department of service and support responsibilities as well.

What is Managed Print Services?
Managed Print Services is a service available to assist companies in saving money, managing your cash flow and improve efficiency by managing all aspects of printing devices used by businesses such as printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. Options are available, including leasing a printer which would then provide a new machine with no down-time for a more affordable price than purchasing most printers.

What are the benefits of Managed Print Services?
Here’s what your company stands to gain from this service:

  1. Save Time By Increasing Efficiency
    Constantly having to deal with printer-related tasks can be very time-consuming. The time invested in replacing cartridges, dealing with system errors or system repairs could have been invested in executing business related tasks to help your company increase revenue. With Managed Print Services, your company can say goodbye to precious time being wasted on the operation, configuration and monitoring of business printing devices. All of these aspects are monitored by us remotely, leaving your employees with more free time to invest in your business.
  2. Get A Clear Overview & Save Money
    Are you aware of how much your company is currently spending on printing and maintaining printing devices? Do you know who’s printing, what they’re printing, how much they’re printing and which printer is being used the most or the least? A clear overview of your print environment is the necessary foundation to creating a winning print strategy. Our regular assessments provide you with continuous information that can help you reduce unnecessary printing, cut down on wasted supplies and replace printers that are nearing their end of life.
  3. Reliable Service (Time)
    Our service time is 4 hours which means that we always make sure to be on-site and solve any occurring problems with your printing devices within a maximum of 4 hours. We also provide our clients with an Account Manager to provide any specialized support you might need.
  4. Improved Security
    Did you know that printers can be hacked just like your computers? There’s nothing worse than having your client data or other important company information fall into the wrong hands. Our partnership with HP Inc enables us to provide you with Hewlett Packard printers and scanners, known to be the world’s most secure printing devices because of their ability to detect and self-heal from malware. They also possess upgradeable firmware which makes it possible for new security features to be added as they are made available.

How does Managed Print Services work?
We start off by conducting an assessment of your print environment. The goal of the assessment is to identify how many people will be using the printers, how much will be printed on a monthly basis, which print quality is needed and if there is a desire to fax and scan apart from printing. After we have performed an assessment, a personalized proposal is created. After approval, a monthly fee is arranged which covers the entire operation, configuration and monitoring of your business printing devices.

When should your company consider using Managed Print Services?

  • If you don’t have an IT department in-house or if you want to relieve your IT department of service and support responsibilities.
  • If you want to greatly reduce printing costs.
  • If you are interested in outsourcing print management.
  • If you want to decrease the downtime of your printers.
  • If you want to increase the IT security of your printers.

Interested in Managed Print Services for your business?
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We’d love to share with you how we can save your company money and make the printing in your business easier.