Top 5 Reasons to Purchase APC from ICS

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase APC from ICS

In November 2018, ICS became the only APC Authorized Distributor along with its current status as Authorized SWAP Center for APC products in Suriname. This new partner status indicates that ICS meets the standards and regulations of the American Power Conversion Corporation (APC). This new status reinforces the trust APC has in ICS to represent their brand at a higher level as well as provide a greater amount of expertise and knowledge directly to the client.

Receive the most benefits when purchasing APC from ICS!

  • Top-ranked brand means more consumer value – APC power solutions ranks in the top of its class across several categories both with consumers and peers alike. It is due to its reliability, excellence and value that ICS carries the APC brand along with its other internationally renowned brand partners as part of its portfolio.
  • Most competitive pricing in Suriname – Because of the Authorized Distributor status, ICS is able to offer the best prices for clients on all levels, from individual households to large scale enterprise.
  • Guaranteed local point of contact for APC products – As Authorized Distributor, ICS has a direct line of communication with APC representatives, so now your questions and concerns can be addressed immediately in Suriname by our excellent support and sales teams.
  • Authorized SWAP Center for any warranty items – You can rest assured that if you ever have an issue with an APC product, you can bring it to ICS for an assessment. Once the issue has been identified, ICS has the ability (upon approval from APC) to swap out the defective parts or entire unit if the product is under warranty. This goes for ALL APC products purchased from ANY retailer, as long as a valid proof of purchase is presented.
  • Wide range of products now available – Get access to the newest launches as well as the bestsellers with a vast product catalogue directly from APC. Any item available for the South American market can be purchased through ICS or one of our trusted resellers.

Available APC Products: Let’s Get a Bit Technical
Our trusted resellers sell a variety of APC Products for consumer use; products can range from a BACK-UPS, SMARTLINE-INTERACTIVE UPS, SMART ONLINE UPS and SURGE PROTECTORS. An uninterruptible power source, or UPS, is an electronic device that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or main energy power source fails. A UPS is typically used to protect hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electronics (like your television) where unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss.

Get Your UPS & Protect Your Hardware
Being the Authorized Distributor & Authorized SWAP Center has made it easier than ever for ICS to meet the needs of our customers. Protect your hardware from unexpected power outages and voltage spikes with our APC products, where you can be guaranteed to get the best quality with competitive pricing and warranties. You can get your authentic APC product at ICS or any one of our trusted resellers listed below:

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